Monday, June 16, 2014

Easy DIY Stencils

Making your own stencils is simple, and can be made quickly with supplies you have on hand.  I made the ones below using a background size die.   You can make them using material that is made specifically for cutting your own stencils or with standard cardstock.  

This first one was made with the stencil material, a sturdy plastic sheet that took a LOT of passes through the Cuttlebug to get a complete cut but can be used over and over.

The stencil below was made using standard cardstock.  I prefer to use cardstock because it's quick, easy to cut and readily available (and cheaper!).  Just trim your cardstock to the desired size and run it through your die cutting machine.  Your stencil is ready to use.

When using cardstock stencils for sponging ink they can be used more than once - it's still in great shape after sponging and you get a nice crisp image.

I love using my cardstock "disposable" stencils with embossing paste because the cleanup can be very messy - it's handy to just be able to use your stencil once and throw it away.

Here I'm using a clear embossing paste mixed with a few drops of reinker.   Tape your stencil in place and spread embossing paste liberally. I use an old gift card to spread the paste evenly.  

You can cover them and get them completely wet and still end up with a crisp image.  Remove your stencil right away before paste starts to dry.

Another way to make your own stencil is by using a smaller die or multiple dies to create your own unique pattern.

Here I'm using a small snowflake die and taping it in place to create a repeating pattern.

 I sponged and spritzed the snowflakes below and the intricate pattern transfers really well.

You could also use an electronic die cutting machine to create your own stencil designs.  I hope you're inspired to give it a try - the possibilities are endless!  

Thanks for stopping by, keep it crafty!

Dies:  Snowflakes, Swirl Cover-Up Die (Lil' Inkers)