Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Project Life 2013. I'm in.

After much deliberation I decided to make an attempt at Project Life during 2013!  I'm excited and I'll admit a bit intimidated.  Scrapbooking is about capturing life's little moments that are so easily forgotten, but that make up the best of our every day lives.  Project Life is the epitome of capturing life's little moments, week by week for an entire year.  I didn't want to saddle myself with a huge commitment or set myself up for feeling guilty if I fall behind, but I decided to jump in with both feet and here goes!

Around New Year's Eve I gave myself a warm-up project of a 6x12 title page... ok... I can do this....

Hey, that's not so hard, right? We got this...(we meaning me, my cameo and my die-hard photo printing husband, couldn't do this without him!) and I decided to start off with New Year's Eve itself and start week 1 with (duh) January 1st.  

Off with a bang! Here's my week 1 spread, I started off making all my own title and journaling cards but I caved just today and bought some of the actual project life stuff.  I'm close to finishing week 2 whilst currently living week 3.  I'm not even behind yet!  

If I can keep it up a whole year this little book will be so amazing to look at down the road.  I think it will be even if it's not completely Complete.  I would love to have a glimpse into the world I grew up in with my parents & at the little details of life back when. (if only Project Life had been around in the 70' cool would that be)? So all the hard work...WORTH IT!

thanks for looking and wish me luck!


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  1. This is awesome! Way to go for taking on such a project, but I know you can keep up with it and get it done :) Can't wait to see it and the end of the year!